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- Idabel (Chords)

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By Emory Quinn

Idabel wonít you forget me 
D                               G D
Lay me down wonít you let me be 
I was a boy only seventeen 
D                                  G D
Killed a man washed my hands clean 

Heading west towards New Mexico 
Moving fast and keeping low 
Bedded down outside of Santa Fe 
In case the law men try to come my way 

Chorus 1:
         Em     Em/F#   G
And Iíve got nowhere to go 
       Em  Em/F# C
Just a desolated road 
  Em     Em/F# G
A pistol and a smoke 
     Em   Em/F#  C
On a pony that I stole 

I ran the Pecos down to Eagle Pass 
At the Church of the Virgin I had my last mass 
Forgive me Lord wonít you keep me from hell 
For I killed the man who had killed Idabel 

Soon found work outside of Monterrey 
Mending fence for food and meager pay 
I met a girl just like eternal fire 
She stole away the left of my desires 

Chorus 2:
Her hair was black and long 
The consumption filled her lungs 
I wanted her to wed 
I got her boy instead 

Idabel wonít you forgive me 
Lay me down wonít you let me be 
Now youíre both gone Iím like the wind you see 
Iím running fast and Iím running free 

Me and a boy whoís only 5 years old 
Who need the guidance of a steadfast soul 
Heading north back to the Promised Land where I 
Hope more awaits me than a hangmanís stand 

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