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- I Take The Chance (Chords)

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I Take The Chance
Ernest Ashworth

Note: The attached video has two songs. "I Take The Chance"
is the second song.

Intro: D-E-A

A                               D
I've tried to live my life the best I can
                  E         D                     A
I've prayed I'd never cheat to heed my heart's command
But dear you know to one I've been untrue
         E                                A
I wonder If you think I'd do the same to you

A            D    E                     D       A
I take the chance   of causing you to doubt my love
             D    E             A
I take the chance   to be with you

Instr... A-D-E-A

A                             D
I know it's wrong for us to steal a kiss
            E              D             A
But when I hold you in my arms I can't resist
I have a home and someone kind and true
            E                               A
I know I'd lose it all if I were seen with you

A            D    E                     D       A
I take the chance   to lose my soul my life my pride
             D    E             A
I take the chance   to be with you


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