Skip Ewing, Coast Of Colorado Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Skip Ewing, Coast Of Colorado Tabs, Chords

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Skip Ewing - Coast Of Colorado (Chords)

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Coast Of Colorado / Written and performed by Skip Ewing From the 

Album: Coast Of Colorado Transcribed by D. Manary 
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INTRO: D/G/A7/A 1st verse 

(D) I know leavin' me is killin' you (G/A7/A) 

(D) But I know it's something you have to do (G/A7/A)

(Em) Remember I (A) said (Bm) I'ld always be (G) there 

(Em) I still feel the (A) same I ain't goin' (D)anywhere 

CHORUS: (D)'Til the 31st of (G) April (A) 'til it snows here in (D) July 

'til the seas take Cali-(G)-fornia (A) and wash up on the great (Bm) divide 

and even when that (G) happens (A) if you're not back I know (Bm/G) 

(G) I'll still be (Em) waiting for you (A) on the coast of (D) Colorado (G/A7/A) 

2nd verse 

(D) I can't say goodbye to you for good (G/A7/A) 

(D) And I know you'ld stay if you (G) could 

(Fm/Em) There must be a (A) part of you That (Bm) you still need to (G) find 

Oh but (Em) I'll be waiting for you (A) if you ever change your (D) mind 

REPEAT CHORUS (and then continue to the song ending) 
ENDING (D) Still be waiting (Em) for you (A) on the coast of (D) Colorado 


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Ewing Skip Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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