Exile, She's Too Good To Be True Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Exile, She's Too Good To Be True Tabs, Chords

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Exile - She's Too Good To Be True (Chords)

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She's Too Good to Be True
By Exile
rmofle at satx.rr.com

C                      Am      
It's gettin' late, the day's at it's end
F                   Fm 
My favorite time is right around the bend
C                  Am                            D
It's when the time comes to turn the lights down low
C                      Am
She pours the wine and I lock the door
F                         Fm
She takes my hand like so many nights before 
C             Am                        D 
That's when I know Heaven's waiting for me

          C                    Em
She's too good to be true, she blows my mind 
F                                  Fm
She's still the one who thrills me time after time
       C          Am           F         G 
It's unbelieveable the way she moves me 
         C                Em
She's so easy to love, so tender to hold
F                          Fm
She touches me like no one I've ever known
            C       G                      C
The way she moves me, she's too good to be true

The radio plays a melody 
One designed especially for her and me 
An ol' love song that we used to slow dance to
And when she says how happy she's been 
That old familiar feeling comes over me again 
I count my blessings how lucky I am 


2nd to last line in 2nd chorus:
            C         G                    Am    F
The way she moves me, she's too good to be tru-u-u-e


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