Jared Fallon, Finally In Love Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jared Fallon, Finally In Love Tabs, Chords

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Jared Fallon - Finally In Love (Chords)

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Finally in Love
By:Jared Fallon

Sent a letter home said I found someone I knew Iād do it

Learned my lesson young a tune I might had sung but I made it through it

Tryinā all I could I knew I would and I should get right to it

Time is goinā fast no this one will last give it to me

When she smiles at me lights the sky ya see Iām comin home soon

Dancinā in the rain, laughinā through the pain kissinā under the full

Life is just a dance givinā love a chance couldnāt get no better

Nothinā bothers me and you will see when you see us together

And when she holds lord thereās no givinā in

Is this the way itās suppose to be

Please say that this will not end

Finally in love
And no Iāve never felt like this before
Finally in love
Now the only thing I want is more..
So just hold me
Touch  me only if ya
Tell me youāll be here
Finally in love·

You thought it was done that youād lost the one I was meant to be with
Canāt believe the luck, thunderstruck, my sail started to drift
Now look here I am holding her hand everyone is lookinā
Sometimes sheāll mow lawn, Iāll be home in the kitchen cookinā
Thatās the way it is, thatās the way it goes it wonāt happen again
Ya gotta open up ya gotta give some love and let her heart in
And when you find the one, right when itās just begun youāll know the
Youāll catch yourself alone, when sheās not home and keep on screaminā
Please donāt tell me that this will end
Get down on your knees then you know itās sunk in



Fallon Jared Tabs & Chords

Fallon Jared Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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