Tyler Farr, Redneck Crazy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tyler Farr, Redneck Crazy Tabs, Chords

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Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy (Chords)

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Redneck Crazy
Tyler Farr
Capo 3

Intro - Em - C - D / / x2

I'm gonna (Em)drive like hell (C)through your neighbor(D)hood
(Em)Park this Silver(C)ado on your front (D)lawn
(Em)Crank up a little (G)Hank, (D)sit on the hood and drink.
(Em)I'm about to (C)get my pissed off (D)on

I'm gonna (G)aim my headlights (C)into your bedroom (D)windows
throw (G)empty beer cans at (C)both of your shad(D)ows
I didn't (G)come here to start a (C)fight, but I'm up for (D)anything tonight(Em)(D)
(G)you know you (C)broke the wrong heart (D)baby, and drove me redneck c(Em)razy (C) (D)//

I (Em)wish I knew how (C)long its been going (D)on
(Em)how long you been (C)gettin' some on the (D)side
no (Em)he can't amount to (G)much, by the (D)look of the little truck
well he (Em)won't be gettin' (C)any, (D)sleep tonight


Did ya (Em)think I'd wish you (C)both the best, (G)endless love and (D)happiness
you (Em)know that's just (C)not, the kind of (D)man I am
Yea I'm the (C)kind that shows up at your house, (D)3 AM


Em - C - D // x4 

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Farr Tyler Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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