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- Got What I Need (Chords)

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Originally on Through These Reins And Gone
this track is included in the 2009 re-issue of Tonight At The Arizona (with the brown cover)

D drink some coloured drink
fall in love and run
lost my G shoes i think
so my D runnings done
y'say the A world i see
will get the G best of me
but I Bm got A what i D need

had a girl one time
but she upped and left me
sometimes i wonder why
guess she didn't like me
y'say the world of love
will get the best of us
but I got what i need

against an old oak tree
the river by my side
ain't got no money
sleep in my car at night
but i don't mind
no it don't bother me
cause i got what i need  

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Felice Brothers Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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