The Flatlanders, See The Way Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

The Flatlanders, See The Way Tabs, Chords

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The Flatlanders - See The Way (Chords)

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  The Flatlanders

                 C       F        C
Youíre gonna be sad til you stop hurtin
                 F               C
For the sake of findin peace of mind
 C7            F                   C
Rise up from there throw back the curtain
                  G                    C   C7
That covers your heart and makes you blind

         F                 C
See the way true love has left you
 C7    F                 C
For a lie that you must feed
 C7      F                 C
See the way true love has left you
              G                   C
For what you want but just donít need

Youíll bind the wound til you stop bleedin
For the love you gave but could not take
For a love that burns for a love thatís leadin
Straight to the heart that will never break

See the way true love has left you
Face to face with all mankind
See the way true love has led you

Youíll take your chances down random rivers
Bound for glories beyond the sea
Youíll find some keepers and some forgivers
Deep in the heart of eternity

See the way true loveís outguessed you
Sometimes with scandals sometimes with schemes
See the way true love has blessed you
Far beyond your wildest dreams

Flatlanders Tabs & ChordsFlatlanders Lyrics

Flatlanders Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Buy Flatlanders CD

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