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- Can't Have Nothin' (Chords)

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Can't Have Nothin'
By Foster & Lloyd

I must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed
     E                                       A
It's 9am and I hear bells in my head and I'm late
    A                        E
The boss is going to hit the fan
Tried to crank my pickup but she aint running
Aww, I can't have nothin

I get to work, I'm only 2 hours late
My boss is waiting for me there at the gate and he says
Son you just wasted your last chance
Nw he's a-givin my position to his wifes first cousin
Man I can't have nothin

Some guys live on luck alone
But I'm still looking for some luck of my own
Always countin on one big break but
lady luck she she makes my wait

My baby calls and says how could you forget
Three months exactly since the day that we met and she crys
But says a night on the town will do
I'd love to honey but my bankrolls busted
Dial tone, I can't have nothin

Bartender, help me put a bad day to rest
There stands a glass so mister give me your best and he says
We got no alcohol
We lost our license sonny, I aint bluffin
Boy you can't have nothin

He's giving my position to his wifes first cousin
Mman I can't 

I'd love to honey but my bankrolls busted
Aw I can't have nothin
Can't have nothin
Can't have nothin
Can't have nothin

Spoken: I got up this mornin and I was outta coffee
The milk had spoled in the refigerator, smelled like something had dies
Go outside, try to crank up my pickup truck, she didn't budge, man
Nuthin, I knew I should-a got that V-6
We got down to the shop, the guy says there ain't no warranty
I gotta take a cab to work, it cost me 25 bucks, 25 bucks!
Boss, said son, you're out of a job 

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