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- Don't Go Out With Him (Chords)

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Don't Go Out With Him
By Foster & Lloyd

G                                     Em
Baby your heart is in serious danger, don't go out with him
G                                                 Em                       D
He'll lead you on then treat you like a stranger, don't go out with him
You need someone like me
Am              D
Who'll love you endlessly

Baby you're headed for a brand new heartache, don't go out with him
The fire at midnight burns out at daybreak, don't go out with him
Darling wake up and see
I'm waiting patiently

Em                           G
My love is everything you'll ever need
Em                               G
I'll start by holding your heart close to me
Am                         F
I know just what he'll do, his kind is never true
D                              C D
He can't take care of you like me

I know a place where love is for certain, don't go out with him
Bring me your heart there won't be no hurtin, don't go out with him
When it's all said and done
I'll be your only one

Don't go out with him x4 

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