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- Real Woman (Chords)

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Artist- Frank Foster
Album- Rowdy Reputation
Song- Real Woman 

Listen to the song to get timing down
You can play around with Em7 and Em9 both sound good in this song

Capo 3

Intro- Em, G, D  

Verse 1

Em                 G         D
Well she aint your ordinary lady

                      Em               G                           D
She's in love with a bad boy, but shes classy, like a brand new mercedes

  Em              G                  D
She fell for a rambler, but she aint ashamed

             Em           G                      D
ya She took alot from me, but she still took my name


C9           G        D
And Ive got me a real woman

C9                        G                                    D
She got the the kind of love that'll have you down on your knees

C9            G                        D
A heart like hers it must be one of a kind

           C9                     D               G
Ya shes my real woman, looks can kill, woman shes mine

Verse 2

When Your a heart breaking runner, sometimes life can blind ya
ya but that all changed with a long slow kiss out in Carolina
but I stepped away I had to make me a plan
because the love of a real woman deserves a damn good man

End Chorus on Em to lead into Bridge


D                                                            C9 G C9 G
Never had a better felling than havin her lying here next to me

D                                                 C9 G C9 G
Heaven sent shes an angel and shes all I'll ever need

D                                                             C9 G C9 G
No more long and lonely nights, and no more left out in the cold

           C9                  D                 Em
Shes my real woman that surrounds me heart and soul


             C9                     D               G
Ya Shes my real woman, looks can kill, woman shes mine

First time sitting down and writing all this out, Hope ya enjoy it.

Eric C. Fiddle player with The Pale Horses

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frank foster Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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