Lefty Frizzell, I'm Not That Good At Goodbye Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Lefty Frizzell, I'm Not That Good At Goodbye Tabs, Chords

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Lefty Frizzell - I'm Not That Good At Goodbye (Chords)

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Iím Not That Good At Goodbye 
Artist(Band):Lefty Frizzel
Writer Don Williams, Bob McDill
Copyright 1973
Banjo tuned E, Capo 3, Key of: F
    F            C                F
I donít want to talk it over one more time
                           C                      C       F
No thereís not much use in talkiní. If youíve made up your mind
And darliní I donít need to tell you why
You know that Iím not that good at goodbye

Please donít tell me youíre leaviní if you go
Just let me turn my head while you walk out the door
ĎCause if I see you leaviní I will die
You know that Iím not that good at goodbye

Lord goodbyes just make it harder anyhow
So if you really feel like leaviní do it now
And let me keep a little of my pride
You know that Iím not that good at goodbye

I donít want to know youíre leaviní when you go
ĎCause if we reach the part where youíre standiní at the door
Well I know Iíd just break down again and cry
You know that Iím not that good at goodbye 

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Frizzell Lefty Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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