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Lefty Frizzell, Look What Thoughts Will Do Chords

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Lefty Frizzell - Look What Thoughts Will Do (Chords)

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Recorded by: Lefty Frizzell
Writers: Lefty Frizzell, Jim Beck & Dub Dickerson

Note. All verses have same chord pattern.

[1] Once I Thought I Loved Just You
And I Thought You Loved Me, Too
But Just [5] Look what Thoughts Will Do
For Today You Say we're [1] Through

Now Another Wears the Crown
And You Think that You Have Found
Just what Makes Your World go 'Round
Watch Those Thoughts, they'll Get You Down

If Within Your Future Years
Your New Love Should Bring You Tears
Then You'll Think of Me, I'm sure
But Those Thoughts won't Help You, Dear

Thought I'd Build a Home for Two
Just a Home for Me and You
Thought we'd Have some Kiddies,Too
But Just Look What Thoughts Will Do

Now I Know just How You Feel
That Your Love was Never Real
Guess to You, I don't Appeal
So we'll Just Forget the Deal

[1] So Goodbye and Here's to You
And I'm Happy Through and Through
Guess You [5] Thought that I'd Be Blue
But Just Look...What...Thoughts...Will [1] Do


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