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Robbie Fulks, Let's Kill Saturday Night Chords

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Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night (Chords)

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                Let's Kill Saturday Night - Robbie Fulks

Well a dollar I make
Is a buck I owe
And a 40-hour week
G      A  
Leaves 10 to blow
But every game in this town
Is just a nickel-and-dime
And when the sun goes down
G                 A
It feels like the last time
F#m                      G             D
So down the main drag we ride with the engines open
F#m                 G              A  
If there's a fire inside, it's the one thing going

I've got the Mustang loaded
I've got a wrong to right
I've got a little red bullet
G          A        D
Let's kill Saturday night.
Knock it out of its misery
Nail that coffin tight
High living that's history
G          A        D 
Let's kill Saturday night.

Well the little man's lot
That’s a prince's life
A prince with a lousy job
A prince with a working wife
Somethin’ in the big frame's moved
Oh, it never was so hard
To keep a 20 inch tube
And a fenced-in yard
But give me one night with the moon high and the radio pounding
And, brother, this town's gonna go down kicking and shouting.



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