John Fullbright, High Road Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

John Fullbright, High Road Tabs, Chords

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John Fullbright - High Road (Chords)

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G           C.            G
Susie was a pearl of a woman
  C.                   G
And jack was a golden man
D.                            C
He told her he'd love her forever
  D.               C.   Em
He gave her a wedding band

There parents said they were just children
Love comes as fast as it leaves
They think that they've built a foundation
Till life knocks them down with a breeze

        G.         C.            G
      Living comes natural to many
       C.                    G
      Love comes natural to few
       D.             D/E.           C
      You take the high road to freedom
       G.         D.              G
      I'll take the low road to you

Well Jack bought a brand new tractor
The bank well they bought him the land
Said The work may hard but it's honest
I'll pay em by May if I can

Sometimes they talk about children
The names and things they'll do
If its a girl they'll call her Rebecca
Shell grow up to be just like you


Jack was out plowing the south end
Trying to beat the next rain
Susie she watched through the window
As the downpour finally came

He was riding the side of the terrace
When the mud gave way to the wheel
The tractor tipped over on Jack
Cold was all he could feel

Susie ran out through  the rain storm
Threw her arms around her true love
Her tears were lost in the water
Mixed in a puddle of blood

Well he told his little wife not to worry
Said The soft ground has broken my fall
He told her he'd love her forever
Then he didn't say nothin at all

Well Susie grew old and gray headed 
Never did marry again
Jack took the high road to freedom
She took the low road to him

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Fullbright John Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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