Gary Brewer, Graycoat Soldiers Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gary Brewer, Graycoat Soldiers Tabs, Chords

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Gary Brewer - Graycoat Soldiers (Chords)

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Graycoat Soldiers
By Gary Brewer

          G                    D 
Where the cold, clear mountain spring did roll
    C                      G
The green beech tree hung ‘cross the road
C               G  
Iron rim wagons caught the sun
D                   Em
Back in the year of sixty-one.

Now Sherman’s army marched around
In 64, he burned Georgia down
Settings wings to the feet
Of every living soul he’d meet

         Em   D        Em       
Graycoat Soldiers have gone
         G    D      Em
Marching in a ragged war
      G         D      C      Em
Young wives and babies cried alone
For fathers, they saw no more

Well, they tore up rails and wrecked the bridge
Down by the hill they call Mission Ridge
Hell it raged for days and nights
An end it seemed was not in sight

Well they loaded up the cannon with nails and chains
A noise that would drive a man insane
Rifles rang sharp and loud
In that battle above the clouds


Now they’re all gone to the rocks and the hills
And the green grave yard on the hill
And no one does recall the day 
Corporal Johnson rode away.

And cast iron markers they stand there
Guarding the battleground with care.
Cannons rest all in a row
Prepared to meet some ghostly foe


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Gary Brewer Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Gary Brewer - Graycoat Soldiers Chords
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