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Gary P. Nunn, Cow Pasture Pool Chords

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Gary P. Nunn - Cow Pasture Pool (Chords)

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                "Cow Pasture Pool"     Gary P. Nunn

Intro : E

       E                     A
Well I took up golf a little late in life.
  E                       A
I got a set of clubs from my sweet wife.
          E                                      B7
She said, "You've been spending too much time at home.
E                    A
Me and some good old buddies of mine,
E                            A
heading to the links for the very first time.
      E                       B7              E    
And I discovered the greatest sport I've ever known.

           E                A
Well its a lot like fishing without the lake. 
    E                    A
You get up early and you stay out late.
E                                          B7
Take everything you own and toss it on the cart.
E                     A             
Ice chest, cold beer, pork rinds too.
E                       A
Golf clubs, golf balls, tees and shoes.
            E                    B7                        E
Then you're off down the fairway chasing that little white ball.

A           B7
Cow pasture pool.
E                A
Learning all the rules.
F#m                                       B
Red stakes, hazards, white stakes, out of bounds.
         A             B7        
Well I'm hitting five, hollering four,
E                  A
writing three down for my score.
E             B7                E          
Lord I really love this game of golf.

         E                         A
Well you got to make a side bet on every hole.
E                   A
Nothing more than a dollar or so.
E                                               B7
Longest off the tee box, the closest one to the pin.
       E                  A
Theres birdies, greenies, sandies and trash.
E            A
Man I hope I brought enough cash.
         E                 B7                E
If I can sink a forty foot putt I think I'll win.


        E                     A
Now its quiet on the tee box, about to hit.
E                                 A
Grab a club, ya swing hard and ya holler ah s**t.
  E                                      B7
I hit another mulligen, that ones out of play.
    E                      A
Yer head down, swing easy, back in your stance.
           E                          A
You hit it past the ladies tee box or drop your pants.
E                    B7               E
There aint no better way to spend the day.

    A             B7
I'm hitting five, hollering four,
E                  A
writing three down for my score.
E             B7                E
Lord I really love this game of golf.
                                   A  E 
Well it looks like a gimme to me. 

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