Crystal Gayle, You Never Miss A Real Good Thing Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Crystal Gayle, You Never Miss A Real Good Thing Tabs, Chords

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Crystal Gayle - You Never Miss A Real Good Thing (Chords)

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G                              C
Sittiní on the bed a-thinkiní, thinkiní that my heart is sinkiní
G                          D
Everyday the world goes by with you gone
G                            C
All I do is dream about you, liviní ainít a life without you
G                              D            G  
Honey canít you find it in you to come back home

C                               G
You never miss a real good thing or know what it means
D                              G
You never see the light of day till it goes away
C                               G
You never want a drink of water till the well runs dry
D                               C  D                G
You never miss a real good thing   till he says goodbye

I guess you mustíve had your reasons maybe you were right in leaviní
I know you never found yourself in what we had
And honey, youíve a right to blame me maybe even time would change me
But canít you see the good thatís in me and overlook the bad

Gayle Crystal Tabs & ChordsGayle Crystal Lyrics

Gayle Crystal Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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