Brantley Gilbert, Back In The Day Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brantley Gilbert, Back In The Day Tabs, Chords

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Brantley Gilbert - Back In The Day (Chords)

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tune the guitar a half step down

Intro: D, G, D, G

Verse 1:
(D) Mama she's still got that (G) picture
Of me and (D) Katie, from homecoming (G) night
(D) She looked pretty in that (G) fancy dress
(D) But that girl was a bare foot and blue jean (G) princess
(Bm) A hand full of (A) rocks and daddy's pine ladder (G) sure did come in handy
For a (Bm) teenage boy thinkin' (A) all the better was a (G) kiss that taste like candy

(D) Back in the day we were wild and free
She was my (A) dashboard drummer, butterflies in the backseat (G)
(Bm) Little (A) footprints on my window
(D) Parking my Chevy by the riverside
Four (A) letters and a heart, carved in the pine (G)
(Bm) Little (A) sun dress layin' up there on the (G) bank
While the (Bm) water washed our (A) innocence (G) away, back in the day

D, G, D, G

Verse 2:
(D) Friday night I'd look up there in the (G) bleachers
And I could (D) see her, with my letterman's jacket (G) on
(D) And I still got this scar here on my (G) right hand
From when Bobby (D) told her she deserved a better (G) man
(Bm) She hung right with me down in (A) Panama City, raisin' (G) hell on the senior trip
(Bm) And man ain't it funny, it (A) gets the best of me and (G) I just can't forget (A)

Chorus again

(Bm) Summer was over, (A) college was callin', I (G) had to watch her leave
(Bm) But I still wonder (A) if she ever (G) thinks of me...

Chorus one more time with the intro as the outro

[Thanks to Jordan for tabs]

Gilbert Brantley Tabs & ChordsGilbert Brantley Lyrics

Gilbert Brantley Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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