Brantley Gilbert, My Kind of Crazy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brantley Gilbert, My Kind of Crazy Tabs, Chords

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Brantley Gilbert - My Kind of Crazy (Chords)

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This song is a little hard to pick up at first but listen to the track a few times and you'll get the chord changes right

Capo 1st fret

Verse 1:
She says (G) ",look baby I'm a rockstar"
(Cadd9) Grabs my old guitar
(G) Playin' it upside down
(Cadd9) Dancin around in front of our tv
(G) I can't see the ball game
(Cadd9) So I just wave my light around and say
(G) ",rock on baby, I'd rather watch you anyway

But when your (Em7) done, can I come back stage
(D/F#) And get you to sign your name on that
(Cadd9) Zepplin shirt of mine your wearin
(D/F#) And never wash that thing again"

(Cadd9) Yeah (G) she's my kinda crazy (D/F#)
Little games she plays lord will (Cadd9) never get old (G)
She's too (D/F#) cute to get on my last nerve
(Cadd9) The way she (G) throws her little fits (D/F#), pokin out her lip
At (Em7) mine when we kiss, there ain't a (D/F#) fight that she can't win
That's my (Cadd9) baby, and (D/F#) she's my kinda crazy

Verse 2:
(G) You oughta see her in my pickup
(Cadd9) She's gotta have that radio up
(G) Bless her heart she can't sit still
(Cadd9) Head in my lap, bare feet on the windshield

(Em7) says "C'mon baby let me (D/F#) drive"
(C) "Now honey it's a stick-shift, remember what you (D/F#) last time"

Chorus again

(Cadd9) she never lets me rest (D/F#) she keeps me up all night
(Cadd9) she'll roll me off the bed (D/F#) steal the covers off my side
(Cadd9) but I hear ",wake up sleepy head" (D/F#) and I open up my eyes
(Cadd9) and it's all worth the (D/F#) while

Chorus one last time then play G, Cadd9 twice for outro

[Thanks to Jordan for tabs]

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