Brantley Gilbert, Picture On The Dashboard Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brantley Gilbert, Picture On The Dashboard Tabs, Chords

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Brantley Gilbert - Picture On The Dashboard (Chords)

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Intro: G   Em7   C    D 


G                                Em7                                C

You Aint Nothin Like Your Memory At Least It Hangs Around And That Old Photograph 

You  Gave Me
girl I Can't Bare To Lay It Down
G                                     Em7
and When This Bottles Empty girl I'm Gonna Paint This Town
        C                       D
yeah After All We're Said And Done
Em7                                     D
i Dont Have One Good Reason You Should Turn And Come Back Home
        Em7                       D
or The Right To Blame You Girl I Dont Have Much At All

                  G                                     Em7
i Still Got You Picture Taped To The Dashboard On The Mantle Right By The Front Door 
                  C                                            D
You Said If You Leave You'd Never Come Back Well Baby I Dont Believe Thats Were 
                    G                                              Em7
Its At Its All Of Wrong Times All Of The Right Things In My Right Mind To Say 
                                  C                    D
Thinks I Dont Mean But Baby Thats Me And It's Way To Late But I Still Got Your 
  G               Em7
Picture On The Dashboard

Verse 2

and I Aint Like I Use To Be Tough As Hell And Hard To Please But You Came Along And This Old Boy Hit His Knee
and The Day Was To Much Without You Yeah My Life Revolved Around You 
And You Dropped A Stone Down On My Heart 
And Now I Cant Move On Cause We Danced To All Our Songs Up To Midnight All Alone

(Repeat chorus)


              Em7                          D
oh When I'm Driving Down This Old Backroad Way To Fast I'll Never Know 
        Em7                                                 D
Girl I Cant Look Down Cause I'll See Your Eyes Right Next To 65

(repeat chorus)

outro: C   D   G 

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Gilbert Brantley Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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