Grascals, Leavin's Heavy On My Mind Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Grascals, Leavin's Heavy On My Mind Tabs, Chords

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Grascals - Leavin's Heavy On My Mind (Chords)

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Recorded in key of A.  Capo 2 Playing G position.  
All Chords are relative to Capo

Intro: Fiddle starts in F goes to G then I don't know.  Once banjo kicks in G to CG 4x

G                  C                        G
The whistle of the train breaks through the silence
        Em                D               G
From my room I hear those big jet engines whine
G                    C          G
Wish she'd give me a reason for stayin'
G              D           G    G7
Cause leavin's heavy on my mind.

(Chorus) one strum per chord for first line
C                        D                     G          C
Train is slowin' and the whistle's blowin' and suddenly I find
G        D           G
Leavin's heavy on my mind

(Break) same chords as verse

Do you think there'd be a chance she would love me
I ask myself time after time
But her love gives me no reason for stayin'
And leavin' is heavy on my mind


The sun is slowly bringin' in the mornin'
To the spot where your soft young body lies
By your side and maybe for the last time 
Cause leavin' is heavy on my mind

(Chorus 2x) 
Last time through chorus the chords are played all the way through. 
no one strum at the beginning

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