Grasstowne, This Old Guitar and Me Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Grasstowne, This Old Guitar and Me Tabs, Chords

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Grasstowne - This Old Guitar and Me (Chords)

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(feat. Ronnie Bowman)

I just spent my last ten dollars 
On a ride out of this holler
                                            Bm                   A                 G
And way of life Iíll never understand

All the dust is never ending
All the while your back is bending
To the point of breaking down to work this land

Raised a poor dirt farmers son
Left with no place to run
Out of here for this old guitar an me

I got my songs down in my soul
And the finally took control
To the point that I had to set them free

A                        D
Sheíll play you one more melody 
     G                 D
Iíll sing you one last song
G    walk down to Em          A
Then will pack it up and move along
In another town will be 
G   walk down to            Em 
Cause she sound so good you see
      G                  A              D                                                                                           
We go hand and hand this old guitar and me

Though I never took a wife 
These six strings have been my life
When I need her most sheís always there you see

I can tell when she feels blue
Cause I can always feel it too
But we work it out together her and me


Instrumental break chorus

When my time down here is gone 
And I have played the last old song
Thereís just one thing I hope youíll do for me

Pick her up from time to time 
And play gentle on my mind 
By my grave beneath the weeping willow tree


[Thanks to Jarrod for tabs]

Grasstowne Tabs & Chords

Grasstowne Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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