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Haden Burchard Band, Sitting at a Bar Chords

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Haden Burchard Band - Sitting at a Bar (Chords)

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                (Verse 1)
G                         D
I was born a country boy, born and raised 
on barbeque, I still pray to the good lord 
         G   G                           D
to this day. I never was good at school, I 
love to play this guitar, thats why I'm 
sitting here in this bar.

D                        C
Sitting at a bar where I play my country 
G                   D             C
music, sitting at a bar where the ladies 
            G      D
come friday night, sitting at a bar where 
   C                      G
we get a little drunk and crazy, I'm 
             C                D     D(stop)
sitting at a bar and I may be here       

the rest of my life.


(Verse 2)
My Momma said son your doing no good playing in that smokey atmosphere with all the wemon booze and beer. I said Momma I'm so sorry,
but theres nothing that I'd rather do, then sit here in a bar on Buddy Holly Avenue.


strum chords once

D                 C          G      D
When it's time to go I might leave, maybe 
       C            G       D
settle down start a family, but that times 
    C                G
not now so pull up a chair, because the 
D                C                    G  
beer is cold the wemon are pretty, so I 
won't be any where but a bar


[Thanks to Keith Bakker for tabs]

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