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Handsome Family, The Snow White Diner Chords

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Handsome Family - The Snow White Diner (Chords)

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                Am                             G
I am eating hash browns in the snow white diner.

F                         Em
outside cars are honking, flashing lights on the bridge.

        F                          Em                   Am
they're pulling a car out from the bottom of the frozen lake.

a woman drove her saturn into the black water

F                                Em
killed herself and her two kids, strapped in the backseat.

F                      Em                         Am
she'd lost her job and did'nt want her kids to be poor.

                    G                       F
the diner is noisy, black coffee and sugar, baskets of dinner rolls

   Em                         F
outside the crowd is growing, waiting by the draw bridge.

Em                          Am
hoping to see the dead ones face.

                                  G             F
In the booth next to me there are two old women eating liver and onions

            Em                   F
and they're laughing to loud and banging the table top.

Em                          Am
but then i see that they're deaf.

I don't know why they're laughing, 

          G                          F
maybe the worlds much nicer when you can't hear the cars

Am                                G
They make me feel better like i'm drunk on a plane 

         F              Em       Am
and have forgotten i'm afraid to fly.

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