Hangdogs, Alcohol Of Fame Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Hangdogs, Alcohol Of Fame Tabs, Chords

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Hangdogs - Alcohol Of Fame (Chords)

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Hangdogs - Alcohol Of Fame

G                                           D
Your hanging off that barstool putting them down down down
Feed the jukebox hear the tunes go round round round
    C                          G    G/Fm     Em
You sit and wonder how you got into this situation
C                                D 
Your just gettin started this is just initiation

G                         D
Welcome to the alcohol of fame
Where they know you by your poison not your name
     C                               G        G/Fm  Em
Your here to drown your sorrows we're here to do the same
C                                D          G
That's how we got elected to the alcohol of fame

Old Joe back there with the curly hair well he's in a real deep stew

He's got a wife and kids that he ain't seen in about a year or two

He got unhitched they packed up and moved out west to stay

Now every Friday Joe's paycheck is airborne to L.A.


Earl and Ruth in the second booth they're regulars true blue

Open this joint every morning close it down at two

They only go home long enough to feed the dogs and shower

Old Earl says he's living only for happy hour after hour

Chorus 2X

You can't get ejected from the alcohol of fame

Hangdogs Tabs & Chords

Hangdogs Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Buy Hangdogs CD

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