Hawkshaw Hawkins, Lonesome 77203 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Hawkshaw Hawkins, Lonesome 77203 Tabs, Chords

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Hawkshaw Hawkins - Lonesome 77203 (Chords)

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This was requested in the Cowpie newsletter, great old song, Written by
Justin Tubb, recorded by Hawkshaw Hawkins, Ray Price and many others
Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon

[C] Had our number changed today, although I [F] hated to, but each [G7]
time the phone would ring, they'd want to [C] speak to you, and it hurt to
tell them [C7] you're not here with [F] me, maybe [C] now old tele[G7]phone
will let me [C] be.

[C] It's not in the book now so you'd better [F] write it down, just in [G7]
case your love for me should ever [C] come around,you might want to call and
[C7] break the news to [F] me, I'm at [C]  Lonesome 7 [G7] 7-2-0 [C] 3.

[C] Oh I keep the telephone beside me [F] all the time, hoping [G7] you
might want to call and say you [C] changed your mind, if you do then darling
[C7] you know where I'll [F] be, just call [C] Lonesome 7 [G7] 7-2-0 [C] 3.

[C] You're the only one I'm giving my new [F] number to, so now [G7] if the
phone should ring I'll [C] know it's you, if you ever long for [C7] love
that used to [F] be, just call [C] Lonesome 7 [G7] 7-2-0 [C] 3.

Hawkins Hawkshaw Tabs & Chords

Hawkins Hawkshaw Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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