Rodney Hayden, The Real Thing Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Rodney Hayden, The Real Thing Tabs, Chords

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Rodney Hayden - The Real Thing (Chords)

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The Real Thing
>From the Album "The Real Thing" by Rodney Hayden
Written by Chip Taylor
Produced by:  Tony Brown and Robert Earl Keen (awesome combo)

This is a great song, and a great album.  He does the song in "F", but I capo 
it at the first fret and play in E.  The progression is the same all the way 

E                                                         A            E
I was on a bus coming back to us from Atlanta in 53'
When I pulled out a rhythm and blues magazine laying underneath the seat
E                                                                       A     
I found out the stuff they'd been playing us wasn't made from girts and bone
E                                                               B7            
And it would take more than the crewcuts and Pat Boone to take me home

I want the Real Thing, Give me the Real Thing
Make it loud and I'll make you proud of the songs they sing
I don't want you under my roof with your 86 proof watered down till it tastes 
like tea
You're gonna pull my string make it the Real Thing for me

I remember old Elvis when he forgot to remember to forget
And when young Johnny Cash hadn't seen this side of Big River yet
And when Sun was more than daylight shining on Memphis Tennessee
And Luther, and Lewis, and Perkins was picking and playing them songs for me

Repeat Chorus (twice)

Hayden Rodney Tabs & Chords

Hayden Rodney Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Hayden Rodney
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