Garrett Hedlund, Timing Is Everything Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Garrett Hedlund, Timing Is Everything Tabs, Chords

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Garrett Hedlund - Timing Is Everything (Chords)

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          C                      Am
When the stars line up, and you catch a good break      
     C                                      Am          
And people think youíre lucky, but you know itís grace.
        F                    G
It can happen so fast, or a little bit late,
           F        C                   
Timing is everything                                                    

You know Iíve had  close calls, when it could have been me
I was young when I learned just how fragile life can be
I lost friends of mine, I guess it wasnít my time, timing is everything

       F                                   C
And I could have been that child that God took home
       F                                          C             
And I would have been one more unfinished song
    Bb                        F 
And when it seems a rhyme is hard to find.
            Dm               G          
Thatís when one comes along, just in time                       

Well I remember that day, when our eyes first met
You ran into the building to get out of the rain, cause you were soaking wet.
And as I held the door, you wanted to know my name, timing is everything.

And Iíve could have been another minute late
And youíve never would have crossed my path that day
And when it seems true love is hard to find
Thatís when love comes along, just in time

Well you can call it faith, it destiny, something in real it seems like... itís a mystery
Cause you can be hurt by love, or healed by the same, timing is everything
And it can happen so fast, or a little bit late, timing is everything.

[Thanks to caper_kidd for tabs]

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Hedlund Garrett Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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