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- Always Searching (Chords)

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Always Searching
By Honky Tonk Jones
rmofle at satx.rr.com

G                      Am
I feel like Iím always searching
C                        G
For something to call my own
G                        Am
Something out there to believe in
C                               G
Anything to let me know Iím not wrong
G                            Am
Whenís the last time you saw Jesus
C                        G
Have you seen him around town
G                                    Am 
Cause I need to some answers to some questions
C                        G
And Iím feeling a little down

C           D                G      G/F#     Em  
How do you  know when youíre headed down the right road
C          D                 G 
How do you know which way to go
C          D            G      G/F# Em 
How do you know when to follow your dreams
C          D                G
How do you know when to let go

Spent the whole night awake thinking
My thoughts ended with the sun
Staring at you just watching you breathing
Looking for reasons to want you gone
Then the first light met your blue eyes
You smiled and ran your fingers through my hair
And all the crossroads of confusion
Faded from my mind and just you were there


I want to see the sunlight on your face when I wake up in the morning
I want to see the moonlight in your eyes
I want to wait all day just to kiss you in the kitchen
You waiting on the front porch is so sublime
When you look at me I know thereís a Jesus
You must be from Heaven up above
Canít even think about you leaving
You here with me girl thatís enough


All I know is I need you here with me
Baby I need you here with me
Yeah girl I need you here with me

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Honky Tonk Jones Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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