Adam Hood, This House Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Adam Hood, This House Tabs, Chords

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Adam Hood - This House (Chords)

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This House

*This doesn't match the recording from "21 to Enter",
 this is just a way to play it without tuning differently
 but still being able to sing it relatively the same...
 try it out and see what you think.

Bm  A  G  F# (X4) --I like using the barred A & G, but 
                    its just my preference, they sound
                    good either way--

Bm         A    G            F#
This house is a graveyard for memories

Bm         A          G      F#
Where good times have come to die

Bm          A   G           F#
Where trust and love are all buried

Bm        A     G      F#
Deep down under painful eye

Bm             A    G       F#
And this house is a sad destination

Bm              A       G     F#
And if I could, I would not return

Bm           A  G          F#
But to place my past on the pillow

    Bm             A     G         F#
Set fire to the bed, and watch it burn


G              F#
This house, it crushes my spirit

Bm       A     G      F#
And has stolen all my pride

E                     G
And I'm tortured with every minute

F#              G      F#           Bm     A G F#
I'm forced to remain inside of this house

And these walls are all held together 
With deception and wasted years
And how am I supposed to rest my body 
When I know I'm not welcome here
Cause this floor is stained and sour
With the blood of the innocent
And these halls are haunted with the echos of
Empty promises of time well spent


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Hood Adam Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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