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Hot Apple Pie, California King (easy) Chords

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Hot Apple Pie - California King (easy) (Chords)

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this is my first attempt to tab, its a somewhat rough skeleton of the song, but 
its pretty close for a first timer who isnt that good at guitar. fix it up if 
you can cause i want it to be right.

D                           G
I got a message on my phone
D                       G
Some chick from Rolling Stone said
D                      G
"We'd like to do an interview
A                             G
And take a few pictures of you," well
D                       G
My label says I'm number one
D                        G
Hotter than the dickens, son, but you
D                         G
Need to get where the action is
A                             G
If you wanna be a superstar, kid, so I

F#7              Bm7                F#7    G
Packed my bags and caught a plane out to LA
And I rented me a palace down by the sea...
(no chord)
a small town boy to a California king

I rolled up in my limousine
Paparazzi on the scene, I'm 
Supposed to open up the show
I'm nominated five times you know, I was
Drowning accolades
Rescued by a righteous babe
Her bodyguards got us out of the crowd
Into the hills, up to the clouds, and

Chorus 1
Through the gates and golden doors and onto her bed
Overlookin' the boulevard of broken dreams..
a small town boy to a California king

Chorus 2:
Well, things out here move pretty fast
There ain't much that's built to last
  Bm7                                          E
And you're only as good as your last song
And the moment that you stop to rest,
they'll steal your throne, so I

Made the rounds religiously
I wore my crown respectfully
Rubbin' elbows and egos and such, and 
Man, I never felt so outta touch, I was
Losin' sight of what was true
Longin' for the life I knew, them
Honeysuckle flowers and country roads
and good ol' Dixieland between my toes, so I

Chorus 1:
I packed my guitar and hopped a train
and made my escape
And I took only good memories home with me..
this small town boy's goin' back to Tennessee

California king...just ain't me

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