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Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jesus, Daddy And You Chords

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Rebecca Lynn Howard - Jesus, Daddy And You (Chords)

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                Jesus, Daddy And You by Rebecca Lynn Howard

(Am) ///  (G) ///  (F) ////

(C) In the back of my (G) mind there's a (F) sweet memory
Of an (C) old front porch (G) swing and daddy (F) singing to me
I can (Am) still feel the touch of (F) his callused hands
In (Am) my eyes he was the (G) one perfect man
The (F) first of three (G) men I (C) gave my heart (F) to-(Em)-oo-(F)-oo
Jesus, (G) Daddy and (C) you

Come Sunday (G) morning I (F) knew where I'd be
Between (C) Momma and (G) Daddy in (F) pew number three
Where (Am) I put my life in (F) two nail scarred hands
The (Am) day that I fell for one (G) more perfect man
The (F) men I have (G) loved had (C) been mighty (F) few-(Em)-oo-(F)-oo
Jesus, (G) Daddy and (C) you

There are (F) three kinds of love that (C) everyone (G) needs
(F) I knew that something was (G) missing for me

Then (C) you came a-(G)-long and (F) completed my life
I saw (C) Jesus and (G) Daddy in (F) your loving eyes
I (Am) looked up when you put that (F) ring on my hand
And (Am) I thanked my God for one (G) more perfect man
Three (F) men in my (G) life whose (C) love has been (F) true-(Em)-oo-(F)-oo
Jesus, (G) Daddy and (C) you

Three (F) men in my (G) life I (C) gave my heart (F) to-(Em)-oo-(F)-ahoo-hoo
Jesus, (G) Daddy and (C) you

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