Sonya Isaacs, Give Me Tonight (corrected) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Sonya Isaacs, Give Me Tonight (corrected) Tabs, Chords

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Sonya Isaacs - Give Me Tonight (corrected) (Chords)

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Sonya Isaacs
* give me tonight *
CD- Sonya Isaacs
(Matraca Berg & Randy Scruggs)

Intro- F

    F                                  F
The world is waiting in the drive, another day begins
    F                                  F
We wake up barely half-alive, here we go again
    Bb                        Bb
We pay our bills and we don't complain
    Bb                        Bb
We just drive faster in the carpool lane
Are we in love or are we insane

*CHORUS*    F                   Bb
(Baby) Give me tonight, you're still the one
       Bb                Bb
Light up the stars, blow out the sun
     F                        Bb
Chase that old moon till it give up the fight
    C         F
Oh, give me tonight

     F                                 F
A picture's hanging on the wall from our wedding day
     F                                F
Yeah, you and me had a ball, nothing in our way
     Bb                    Bb
You gave me love and a diamond ring
     Bb                    Bb
We bought a house and an old porch swing
Oh now baby, there's just one more thing

(Repeat Chorus)

Dm            G                   Bb   F
This mean old world won't seem so crazy
Dm         G                Bb       F
If I could hear you call me baby

(Repeat Chorus)
   F            F
Oh, baby give me tonight
   F            F
Theres just one more thing
   F            F
Baby, give me tonight

isn't she awesome!!!!!


Isaacs Sonya Tabs & ChordsIsaacs Sonya Lyrics

Isaacs Sonya Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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