Jackson Parten, Few More Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jackson Parten, Few More Tabs, Chords

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Jackson Parten - Few More (Chords)

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Few More
By Jackson Parten
CD Ė Sum Of All Parts
rmofle at satx.rr.com

  G                    D     A    G        D   A 
I get outta bed on the wrong side every single day
    G            D      A                    G            D  A
And stuck in here for a long time still, got nothing good to say
G            D         A         G              D        A  
Down on the corner Iím drinkiní, up in the room gettingí high
       G          D  A                   Em           D/F#        G
By the time I get to thinkinís Ďbout the time another bottle goes dry

D                               G
Canít count the times that Iíve made a mistake 
          D                              G
But I can count the empty bottles on the floor
D                              G
Thereís one for everytime that Iíve broken down 
        Em                    G 
And the only thing I know for sure
        A                      G
Thereís probíly gonna be a few more

Iím on Main Street in Anytown, could be anywhere
Wasted and gone but I donít really care
Canít say what the place looks like anyway
Hard to see it in the light of day

Wake up with whiskey in my hand
Feel like a bruised and broken man
Donít expect you to understand
Hell, I donít expect you to try


Your whole life you had an alibi, so no one knows your shame
They donít care what you did for him, they donít even know your name
Doiní everything for your own sake, thatís the way itís always been
You can dig yourself out of this rut or you can just dig deeper in


Jackson Parten Tabs & Chords

Jackson Parten Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Jackson Parten
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