James Hyland, Part Time Girlfriend Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James Hyland, Part Time Girlfriend Tabs, Chords

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James Hyland - Part Time Girlfriend (Chords)

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Part Time Girlfriend
By James Hyland
Written By James Hyland/Scott Howard
rmofle at satx.rr.com

G                           C
I don't need to shower to impress her
G                                      D
We can go to the dollar movies, that's fine
G                               C
We could even stay home with my dog
G                 D                      G
We ain't gotta do nothing to have a good time

She doesn't show up whenever she wants to
My friends they say that I've got it made
She doesn't hang her clothes in my closet
But she'll come over whenever I say

C     D                     G  
And I call her my part time girlfriend
C            D               G  
She's always keeping me satisfied
C              D     G   G/F#   Em   
She changed my whole outlook on life
C           D                  G
Full time positions need not apply


Well part time's just fine for her
But when she wants to see what she can be
She can go apply wherever she wants to
She'll get a hell of a reference from me


Full time positions need not apply

James Hyland Tabs & Chords

James Hyland Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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