James Hyland, Place I Call Home Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James Hyland, Place I Call Home Tabs, Chords

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James Hyland - Place I Call Home (Chords)

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Place I Call Home
By James Hyland
Written By James Hyland
rmofle at satx.rr.com

A                D
I see parked taillights
         A    F#m        E     
Them old neon signs burn bright
A                        D
Parking in an old gravel lot
              A         E             A
There's Texas music playing in an ear shot
A                 D    
At a humid Gruene Hall
        A               F#m          E
There's Texans sweating off that alcohol
     A                    D
All around the floor they swing
                 A     E                  A 
If they know the words, you can hear them sing

D        E         A 
I want a Rebel Radio
             D                 E                A
And I want a place like Gruene Hall where I can go
        D             E             F#m                D
Yeah. I want a Broken Spoke, I want all the lights and smoke
A                E                 A
Yeah, that's the place that I call home

I've had my time on stage
With no one around to hear me play
It'll give you thick skin
But I tell you what, I'd do it all again

Dobro solo



Well once I had a band
Them boys, they were hard to understand
We packed some big shows
We even played live a few times on the radio
But I did the best I can
You can't see eye to eye with every man
So now I find myself alone
I just turn around, I'm headed home


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James Hyland Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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