James Lann, The Talent Requires Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James Lann, The Talent Requires Tabs, Chords

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James Lann - The Talent Requires (Chords)

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The Talent Requires
By James Lann

Capo 1

D                                                       G
I grew up playing cover tunes I heard on my daddy's radio
   A                                                          D
It wasn't long til me and my buddies were out playing weekend shows
D                                                      G
We tore up the honky tonks and burned down all the VFW halls
A                                                               D
Built a name til we were bout the biggest thing our county ever saw
    D                                                                   G
The mayor called me himself and said son, would you headline the county fair
A                                                             D
I swelled up with pride said you can count on us sir we'll be there
D                                                                G
Then he said just call me back and let me know what all you boys need
So I did me some research bout the things they give the big stars 
        A                                         D 
In that backstage waiting room that they all call green (It said the talent requires)

Deli tray with lean roast beef
Turkey and assorted cheese
Fruit plate veggie plate 
G                                                 D
Big bowl of M&M's leave the green ones out for us please
3 cases Coors on ice
5 Hooters girls and a strobe light
1 carton of Marlboro Reds
Bose stereo playing Grateful Dead
Two tubes of crazy glue
And some of them organic B-6, B-12 vitamins too

The mayor called me back today and said son, have you lost your mind
This is just a county fair and you boys are trying to act like you've hit the big time
So I said what you talking bout, you called me cause you knew I'd draw a crowd
Just sign the thing and pay the fee you know I wouldn't ask for anything
If I didn't need it for me to get my sound (The talent requires)


Hey Barbie - bring the mayor one of them beers
Ah hell, matter of fact, bring us two
Nice ain't they, beers I mean, that's nice
Are you hungry mayor  aw, we got some left over there
Tiffany, fix that man a sandwich
Ah it's OK - ??? bread right there Mister Mayor - it's good, ain't it, that's right
Oh you want a Marlboro, Mayor
It's good ???? right there
Hey Brittany, light this man a cigarette
It's great to be the talent, aint it Mayor 

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