Sonny James, Running Bear 2 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Sonny James, Running Bear 2 Tabs, Chords

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Sonny James - Running Bear 2 (Chords)

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Use the cords
of A---D----B7 and E.  

                         "Running Bear"

On the banks of a river
stood Runnin' Bear, young Indian Brave.
On the other side of the water, stood a
lovely Indian maid-------
Little White Dove, was'a  her name,
such a lovely sight to see.....
But, their tribes fought with each other,
so their love could never be.

Runnin' Bear loved little White Dove
with a love big in the sky......
Runnin' Bear loved little White Dove
with a love that couldn't die!

Runnin' Bear jumped in the water,
Little White Dove did the same.
And, they swam out to each other
through the ragin' stream they came----
as their hands touched and their lips met,
the ragin' river pulled 'em down.
Now, they'll always be together
in that happy hurting ground.   "cause.....(CHORUS)...

and add teh word "wouldn't" at the end, instead of "couldn't"
Patrice Wolfe


James Sonny Tabs & Chords

James Sonny Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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