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Jason Eady, A Conversation With Mr. Williams Chords

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Jason Eady - A Conversation With Mr. Williams (Chords)

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                A Conversation With Mr. Williams
By Jason Eady

Capo 2

A                     D            A     
Hey Mr. Williams it's sure good to meet you
D           A              E         A               
I've heard about you for a long long time
A                     D              A 
We've got some mutual friends in the business
       D               A              E              A
But it seems like here lately they've stopped coming by

I like you have had my share of reasons
The same excuses and the same old lines
I understand the road that you've taken
I'm tired and I'm wasted and I'm up on my time

        D                  A
And did you ever feel like no one was listening
    D                  A      E    
Did you ever feel like nobody cared
A                  D                A
Hey Mr. Williams I don't mean to complain
         D            A           E     A
But it's hard to find someone who understands

I grew up thinking that you and I were different
But lately I see that nothing has changed
There's a torture in freedom and you can't quite say it
You can't get it right now do you know what I mean


I've got to go now, it was sure good to meet you
Thanks for your time man I'll never forget
I think I know now exactly what you're saying
I'm sure I'll see you around


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