Jason Eady, Rise Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jason Eady, Rise Tabs, Chords

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Jason Eady - Rise (Chords)

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By Jason Eady

There's a man and he's just standing
Still right where we left off
He's just holding what they told him
A time to pick it up, time's a cost

He's not alone he's not the only
One who's thinking there's something else
There's all these people, there's always people
And that's just what it takes to find more of ourselves

C               D                        Am
Standing still, standing still is slowly dying 
C          D                         Am  
Moving on, moving on is the point in time
C           D                  Am
Together, together we're gonna rise

We can't wait for what we came for
There's no place for us to hide
So take it easy or take it harder
But take it farther down the line


Jason Eady Tabs & ChordsJason Eady Lyrics

Jason Eady Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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