Jason McCoy, I Lie (capo 2) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jason McCoy, I Lie (capo 2) Tabs, Chords

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Jason McCoy - I Lie (capo 2) (Chords)

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Lmofle had the chords right in his version and 
all i did was transpose his so thank him for 
the work.......i used a capo because the intro
sounds right if you hammer on with your middle
finger while playing the C chord.....ill include
a soundbyte of the intro so you can see what i'm
talking about.  Comments are welcome


Intro chords:
Am  F  C
Am  F  C

Am             G           F
My friends all ask how Iím doiní 
      Am            C           G
Since you took your sweet love away 
    Am          G            F
And I know that theyíre just showing they care 
    F                         G
But what do they expect me to say 

Chorus 1:

     Am   F                C
So I lie, I tell them Iím alright 
  Am     F             G
I lie, I tell them Iím fine 
I donít think they really want to know the truth 
whatís the use, what can they do
   Am          G               F         Am
So I look them straight in the eye and I lie .......(repeat intro)

They offer a shoulder to cry on 
Anytime, I just have to call 
But little do they know, the river that would flow 
If I let the first teardrop fall 


Iíve often wondered what Iíd do if I were to, run into you 
Would my heart fall at your feet, would my foolish pride get the best of me 
F         G
Honestly, I believe 

Chorus 2:
That Iíd lie and tell you Iím alright 
I lie, Iíd tell you Iím fine 
I could never ever let you know the truth 
That Iím still in love, and so confused 
So Iíd hide my pain deep inside 
Then Iíd look you straight in the eye and Iíd lie 

Jason McCoy Tabs & Chords

Jason McCoy Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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