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Jeff Wood, Long Way From Ok Chords

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Jeff Wood - Long Way From Ok (Chords)

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                LONG WAY FROM OK
Jeff Wood

Intro: (A)  (A)  (D)  (D) x 2

(A) In front of the (D) Sunset (A) Diner 
Some man in a (D) dress is smilin' at (E) me
(A) The cop on the (D) corner has an (A) earring
It's hard to bel(D)ieve the things that I (E) see
They put (F#m) whipped cream in their coffee
(B7) Bean sprouts in their food
They (D) must think I'm a cowboy
Cause every(E)body calls me dude

 	 (D) This sure don't feel like Oklah(A)oma
 	 (G) Things are pretty (D) wild here in L.(E)A.
 	 The (D) ground shakes every (E) night
 	 Tell (A) mama I'm al(D)right
 	 But I'm a (A) long (G) way from O.(A)K.

(A) All of the (D) hills are covered with (A) houses
The streets are all (D) lined with coconut (E) trees
(A) All of the (D) girls have perfect (A) bodies
Purple (D) hair blowin' in the (E) breeze
They're (F#m) roller skatin' by me
In (B7) bikinis and tattoos
(D) One made me an offer
She (E) says I can't refuse

Repeat Chorus

There's (E) no can*ls in (A) Venice
No (E) horses on Rodeo (A) Drive
They're (D) more stars on the sidewalk
Than you can (E) see up in the sky

Repeat Chorus

Put (D) grandpa on the (E) line
Tell (A) all my friends I'm (D) fine
But I'm a (A) long (G) way from O.(A)K.
But I'm a (A) long (G) way from O.(A)K.
Oh.... I'm a (A) long (G) way from O.(A)K.

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  1. Jeff Wood - Long Way From Ok Chords
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