Jeremy Parsons, Hide Her Angel Wings Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jeremy Parsons, Hide Her Angel Wings Tabs, Chords

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Jeremy Parsons - Hide Her Angel Wings (Chords)

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Hide Her Angel Wings
By Jeremy Parsons
By Larry Mofle

When I was just a young boy up to my daddyís knee
      D                                C               G
Every week Iíd go to Sunday school and we would always read 
The story of our savior and the angels up above 
        D                          C              G 
And the sacrifice that was made by godís begotten son

I listened to the way the angels were described 
And it suddenly reminded me of someone in my life 
I rushed home to my daddy and asked him sincerely
Oh, where oh where does momma go and hide her angel wings

Sheís always there to guide me
Make sure I stay on course 
She Keeps me out of harms way
    A7              D 
She keeps me moving forth
I've heard about these angels and she fits them to a T 
   D                                C              G
So where oh Where does momma go and hide her angel wings

My dad looked at me smiling said son I just donít know 
But Iím sure there as big as her heart and her love just makes them grow 
I bet they just canít be seen by us normal human beings 
But Iím positive that your right about moms angel wings


I wouldnít be surprised if on her final day 
She had the biggest set a wings when she flies away 
And someday when Iíve passed on Iíll finally say Iíve seen 
The woman that I know deserved her set of angel wings


Jeremy Parsons Tabs & Chords

Jeremy Parsons Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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