Jim and Jesse, When The Wagon Was New Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jim and Jesse, When The Wagon Was New Tabs, Chords

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Jim and Jesse - When The Wagon Was New (Chords)

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When the wagon was new
Jim and Jesse
American Pride CD Album
Banjo tuned E, Capo 3, Key of:  Bb

   Bb                                Eb          Bb
There's an old and rusty wagon that's left to rot away
                              C                F
It's one my family rode in back in the good old days
   Bb                         Eb               Bb
People loved their neighbors everybody was so free
                           F                    Bb
And riding in a brand new wagon was something to see

     Eb                                           Bb
    I can still see my Daddy sitting on the wagon seat
      C                              F
    Mom in her old sun bonnt, she looked so nice and neat
     Bb                       Eb                   Bb
    Kids were all in the wagon, Grandmam and Grandpa too
                                           F               Bb
    Oh we used to go to church on Sunday when the wagon was new

Red wheels were on the wagon and the body it was green
We were all so happy as riding in a limousine
People used to gather round through all the mountain side
Take a look at the brand new wagon and all take a ride

 * Refrain

Well the automobiles are here now, the wagon days are through
Airplanes are a-humming, neighbors are so few
Everybody's in a hurry, it's money that takes you through
But we didn't need much money when the wagon wes new

 * Refrain


Jim and Jesse Tabs & Chords

Jim and Jesse Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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