Josh Langston, Walkin' Away Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Josh Langston, Walkin' Away Tabs, Chords

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Josh Langston - Walkin' Away (Chords)

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Walkin' Away 
By Josh Langston
Written by Josh Langston
rmofle at

Capo 2

D  A  G - 4 times

D           A          G
Well here I am and I'm walkin' away
D             A                  G 
D            A        G             
Runnin' from tomorrow, hidin' from yesterday
D      A                   G
Here I am and I'm walkin' away

S          A                    G  
I tried to call you on your telephone
D                          A                       G
But a stranger's voice, he told me that you don't live here anymore
D               A            G
You took off to Nashville to chase my dreams
D            A            G     
Now I'm all alone, do you ever think of me
D           A                G  
And all the times we spent together
D            A                G 
Laughin' and singin' and both promisin' forever
D     A                  G
Promises are just broken dreams
D          A             G
Passed out drunk, on the floor right next to me


And every single day I try to get over you
But with the cocaine and the whiskey it ain't the easiest thing to do
And all my friends they tell me that itíll gonna be fine
Two more shot's of Jaeger, I'll wash you of my mind



Josh Langston Tabs & Chords

Josh Langston Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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