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Lucy Kaplansky, This Is Mine Chords

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Lucy Kaplansky - This Is Mine (Chords)

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Lucy Kaplansky    This Is Mine    written by Lucy Kaplansky
                                             Richard Litvin

Lucy Kalpansky    vocals/acoustic guitar
Anton Sanko       acoustic guitar
Zev Katz          bass
Frank Vilardi     percussion

I can bend back 
And reach the days
G/E                 G/D
When everything was new
     C                       Bm
When witches were birds that lived in trees
     C                      D
When dreams were movies God made for me
I talked to dogs 
I knew why trees and kids cried
G/E                G/D
Why snow was white why people died
In show and tell
I talked about the shapes of clouds
    C                                D
And all the schoolyard angels who protected me
Em      C    Em              C    Em
   I am here     and this is mine
         C      Bm        C    D   G  G/F#  G/E   G/D
I'm everywhere  flying in line
G                    F#
Always looking for a place to rest
G/E            G/D
I hid in trees and buildt my nest
C                 Bm
I made my nest of buried things
And the roots ran like secrets
Through six year rings
G                          G/F#
I found that secret places were better places
G/E               G/D
Nicer places that villains could not find
I do not lie
These places are mine
Now I lean and bend
To where I begin and end
Em      C    Em              C    Em
   I am here     and this is mine
         C      Bm        C    D    
I'm everywhere  flying in line
Em      C    Em              C    Em
   I am here     and this is mine
         C      Bm        C    D     G
I'm everywhere  flying in line

From Lucy Kaplansky Flesh And Bone CD
Red House Records 1996
Lucyricky Music ASCAP  1995



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