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, Twilight Of Song Tabs, Chords

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- Twilight Of Song (Chords)

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Twilight of Song
By Kev Russellís Junker
Submitted by Gareth Davies (gdavies at btconnect.com)

C#m   G#m        A       E               
Under yellow and sagging moons
C#m    A           E    B 
In her homely blue gown
C#m G#m      A       E
Wavering and anxiously
C#m         A            E      B
She put the grass in the ground

D      A          E
All at once I was lonely
F#                B  B7
All at once I was blue
D          A         E
Couldnít imagine the hummers
F#                B  B7 E F#
All around them I stood

E             A
Shine fer the fences and
E            A
Weep fer the clusters and
E        A            F#
Drooping thine eyes upon
E             A
Riddum of the farmer and
E           A
Lips of the garrulous
E      A           F#
In the twilight of song

      C#m          A
There ainít no remedy
      F#              E
For a song come to an end
        C#m           A
Thereís nothing and nobody
         F#                 D  A  E
That can soothe her wounded hymn

C#m      G#m     A     E
Close of day, mosquito spray
C#m         A             E      B    
I watched a bird blue and brown
C#m G#m      A    E
Warbling and wavering
C#m         A            E      B
She put the grass in her mouth

      F#m          Bm  
La da da da, La da da da

Kev Russell's Junker Tabs & Chords

Kev Russell's Junker Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Kev Russell's Junker - Twilight Of Song Chords

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