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- Hank You (Chords)

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Kevin Deal - Hank You


G                      D             G       
He lived the songs he wrote like a curse
            C     D              G                 
tell the bottle wrote his last verse
 G         D            G          
if he had been a happy man
 C                      D           G      
would the pain put the pen in his hand
      C                D             G          
the first outlaw to break out of the Bunch
   D        C         G         
Oh Hank You Hank You Very much

Yes I have known a cold cold heart
And the sound of the lonesome whistle blown in the dark
A cheating heart just won't be true
and I damn near died of the honky tonk blues
well every broken heart I ever had me you seemed to touch
Oh Hank you Hank you very much

Well now I hear this stuff they're callin country out in Nashville
now they expect you and me to believe that stuffs real
well I'm just a workin man I'm no country star
but I just can't help but pickup my guitar
I just write 'em a simple little song
Oh Hank you and the horse you rode here on

Oh Hank you and the horse you rode here on


Kevin Deal Tabs & Chords

Kevin Deal Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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