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Mark Knopfler, Golden Heart Chords

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Mark Knopfler - Golden Heart (Chords)

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                Intro until solo: G 
Verse 1 and 3, where 3 is instr.: 
          G                            D           G 
  She was swinging by the bangles in a main street store 
G7/B                    C 
  A while before we met 
  The most dangerous angles that you ever saw 
 C                     D 
  She spied her amulet 
          G                           D         G 
  And she took a loop of leather for around her neck 
G7/B                           C 
  And that was then the start 
  The most dangerous lady on her quarterdeck, she 
 C                 D    G      C         D      G 
  Found her golden heart,      found her golden heart 
Verse 2 and 4: 
 repeat verse; 
       G      G        G/B 
  .....golden heart 
  C                    D        Em          C       Em   Am      G/B 
  Nothing in the world prepared me for your heart,  your heart 
  C                    D      Em              C 
  Nothing in the world that I love more, your heart 
  Em   Am    D/F#      C      D 
  Your heart,     your golden heart 
              G           G/B    C     G 
  Your golden heart, your golden heart 
                           G/B    C                  D 
  Your golden heart,  your golden heart,  golden heart 
 D            G      G/B    C     G        C      D       G 
  Golden heart, your golden heart,  golden heart, heart,  heart 

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